Gulliver’s Travels

The Gulliver’s Travels is a novel from 1726. The author Jonathan Swift was born in and died in Dublin (Ireland). The book became very popular after it was published. It is one of the most important books in English literature. The book was so interesting that it was decided to make a movie out of it.

I The film starts whit When Lemuel came home he started to talk about his journeys with a lot of passion. The first place he talked about was the country of Lilliput. The people living there were only as big as the size of his thumb. He helped them in different ways and they liked him because of that. After a while they thought they could use him better if he became blinded. Whit the help of a friend he escaped.

II The second place he ended up was in Brobdingnag. He was picked up by a farmer that was 22 meters tall. This was a land of giants. The farmer displayed him in a freak show. The queen liked him and bought him. One day when he was by the sea side inside his small house a big eagle took his house whit him inside and flew away and after a while dropped his house in the sea.

III The third place was Laputa which was a flying island. He was dragged up from the sea to Laputa. The size of people was normal and they were dressed Indian style. Laputa was the land of music and mathematic but they could not use them for any practical reasons. He helped the people of the Laputa when he found a way to avoid a big crash.

IV He continued to explore the world with his crew. After a while his crew got sick of him, and left him on the first piece of dry land they could find. This is where he got in contact with hideous people and horses. He later found out that the horses were ruling over the humans. The horses were known as Houyhnhnms and humans as Yahoos. He was assaulted by the Yahoos but saved by Houyhnhnms. It was not safe for him to stay there and he was also homesick. So he went home.

V  When he came home, he stated to tell about the adventures to his wife and child. He tells his story with a lot av passion. He uses much body language so his family starts to get worried about his mental health. His wife had met a new man, the man wanted to marry her, so he did everything he could to convince Lemuel’s wife that Lemuel was insane. The wife agreed to send him to a hospital. When he told about the third place he was at a mental hospital. Lemuel’s wife understands that the man who wanted to marry her was not good man. He had fooled her. She decided to get Lemuel out from the hospital but they needed to go to a trial.  When they were inside the court, Gulliver told about the last place he was. Everybody laughed at him and did not believe him. His son presented a tiny tiny sheep from the first place he visited. When the people in the court saw this, they were amazed. He was released.

The moral of the story I guess is that doing not underestimate anyone although you are much more superior have respect for your fellow humans and all creatures.

I liked the movie because there were so many interesting places. When I watched the movie I pictured myself being there and I experienced strange situations. I recommend everyone to watch this regardless of age!




Boxing is good because it is various training and you use all your muscle gropes. In boxing you learn the noble art of self-defense and you get in good shape as well. That is why I like it!

We have two different types of boxing, professional and amateur boxing.

In professional boxing you are fighting for money. It is a little dangerous because you do not have a helmet during the match, and it is between 4 and 12 rounds. Professional boxing has been prohibited since 1981 in Norway.

Amateur boxing is allowed in Norway but we have strict rules. You can for example not fight if you are older than 32 years old. Amateur is safer than professional boxing because you must wear a helmet and suspension during a match and it is only four rounds for men and three rounds for women.

In both professional and amateur boxing we have the same rules on how you can hit your opponent. In both of them you are not allowed to hit under the belt, at the back of the head, on the opponents back or use the inside the gloves to hit.

I am an amateur boxer. We do not have any box club here in Kongsberg, therefore I go every Thursday to another town which is called Drammen. It is very cheap to box, I only pay 600 Norwegian kroner for one year.





When you are going to write a work report it is nice to have a good recipe to help you.

First you have to write the usual “To”, “From”, “Date” and the subject. Then you need to write a little introduction before you start the description. The introduction should include key words of what you have done. The description is going to say what you have done and how you done.

Finally you write the conclusion. In the conclusion you need to summarize up the report with no new   information, but you can write your opinion, and recommend a better way.

You have also got to include the sources you have used.



The states of USA

To: Jan Stokseth

From: Omid Kazemi

Date: 26 January 2012

Subject: Learn the USA’s states


In the USA there are 50 states, our teacher wanted us to learn the names of all them.


First we had a test about who could mention most of the states in the USA. Most of the students could only mention 4 to 5 states.

We got a link on a website from our teacher which we could listen to, watch and put every single state in the right places. The teacher gave us a map where we had to fill in the correct states and he said that the best in this test would get a price.

We had a competition on who could remember most of them. This test was taken on Monday and Thursday this was only in our English lesson (four school hours).


All of the students learned almost all states very fast. I could not imagine that I would learn so many states in so short time. I think it was a very good method to learn the name of the 50 states. The test gave us a pressure to work hard because of the awards and the natural instinct about winning a competition.

It was instructive and funny way to learn something.

List of sources


thanks to Bjørnar





About a Boy

On Monday we watched a film that is called About a Boy. About a Boy is based on a book form 1998.

The movie is about a rich man who is named Will. He is 36 years old and takes no responsibility for anything. But he is very funny.

He is trying to find himself a girlfriend. First he meets a woman named Suzie in a single parents’ group called “SPAT”. At SPAT he also meets another woman called Fiona.

Fiona is at times depressed and cries a lot. She lives alone with her son called Marcus. He is 12 years old. His mother has some problems, and therefore she tries to kill herself. Marcus wants Will to be his “father” but Will does not like his mum. Marcus does have a hard time alone with his mother.

Marcus has no friends and when he is at school the other kids bully him. He has a stupid haircut and clothes (chosen by his mum).

Because Marcus has no friends, he would like to make friends with Will. Several times he tries to visit Will. Will does not want to be friends with Marcus at first. But later on he feels sorry for Marcus. He lets him inn and they watch movies together.

Later on Marcus becomes friends with a rough girl at school (Ellie), while Will finds a new girlfriend, who assumes Marcus is his son. Will tries to persuade Marcus to pretend he is, but Marcus will not hear of it.

Fiona has started crying again. Marcus tries to get help from Will, who refuses. Marcus remembers that his mum loves to hear him sing, so he joins a school event, where he will give a solo addition of “Killing me softly”, which is bound to make him very unpopular!

Will does not want Marcus to be unpopular. He tries to stop him to sing at school but arrives too late. When Marcus starts to sing the other students laugh at him. Then Will enter the stages and plays the guitar together with Marcus. Then students find the song quite nice and no one laughs any more.

In the end of the story Will has got a girlfriend, Fiona got a boyfriend and Marcus also got a girlfriend. They are celebrating Christmas together.

My opinion:

I liked the movie very well, because it was both funny and sad. The ending of the story was very good, because all of them were happy and they celebrated Christmas together. What I liked most about the film was when Will was trying to help Marcus and his mum. Generally I liked the story, and I cannot find any neg ative sides about the movie.

Thinking about other people

Today we watched a video in class that was very touching. The students in my class watched the video very accurate. It really got us to think about people that have lost a part of body or were born without arms and legs.

It was Nick on the video that was taking about himself and how he looks at other people. He tried to make us understand that we don’t have to give up no matter what happens in life.

He gave more inspiration and courage to go on in life and not judge people before talking with them. I think that most people feel sorry for people that are different like Nick in the video. When you first meet him you feel sorry for him, but when you hear him speak, you totally change your mind.

Tap- water !

Hi to everyone that drinks water 🙂

I will recommend you to just drink tap-water, because tap- water and bottle water are allmost the same. When you drink tap- water you help the environment. I personally drink tap-water at school with a bottle. When we get a break, then I go and fill it. Here is a link about tap and bottle water, you can watch it and choose which of them is the best.